Jessie Roestenberg’s UFO Encounter October 21st 1954



“What an amazing thing to have happened and for me to have seen it”.

Below is a fascinating interview with Jessie Roestenberg, who, along with her two sons witnessed a “Mexican hat” shaped craft above their home; Vicarage Farm in Ranton, near Stafford in the UK, on October 21st 1954.
In this interview Jessie explains how she came to encounter the craft and the beings that were within it.

This is a great example of a UFO witness bravely coming forward with their experience despite the closed-minds and ridicule that unfortunately follows from many who cannot reconcile such experiences with their own world-view.
Jessie faced ridicule in 1954 and unfortunately that kind of reaction still occurs today some 60 years later when people come forward with similar encounters.
That is why I thank Jessie for her bravery in sharing her and her sons’ experience and respect the honesty in which she clearly explains the details of this incredible encounter.
As Jessie says:
“We were ridiculed, it was very embarrassing at the time and people they possibly thought;
‘Oh she’s a nutter’ but you know, but who cares? 
This is something that happened to me, and I’m a practically minded person and that’s it”.

Jessie drew a picture of the craft she and her sons witnessed for a local newspaper:
Here is the, unfortunately incomplete, news article:

Several years later, I’m guessing in the late 1990’s an artist’s rendition of the beings Jessie saw was created and Jessie was photographed holding it, presumably for an interview:

As the 60th anniversary of this encounter approaches, it would be great to, if possible, take Jessie back to the scene of the experience for an interview’ as well as her two sons, who as far as I’m aware have not gone ‘on record’ with their account of the events.
I hope Jessie is still with us and in good health and I wish her all the best.

4 thoughts on “Jessie Roestenberg’s UFO Encounter October 21st 1954

  1. The Jesse Roestenberg picture is mine! No problems with using it but would like to have been asked! John Hanson Publisher of Haunted Skies series of books

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