Timeless/Timebound Consciousness & Why The Visitors Are Interested In Humans


Welcome to episode one of; Random Unusualness [ instandard definition]
This is the first episode of what will be an ‘as and when’ type series, where I’ll be talking about random thoughts, theories, ideas and (hopefully) insights into paranormal, consciousness and any other random subjects I want to talk about.




Donald Trump is The President of The United States of America.
How did this happen? !
Why? !
Now what?!
In my following video I give my take on this mess, and explain why a Trump presidency is the natural and obvious consequence of a lie we are told, and sold to us from cradle to the grave.

O Other, Where Art Thou?

In this video I perform a experiment to see if the phenomena can be induced to manifest.
Why, after many paranormal and weird experiences do we have periods of no phenomena or experiences?
Can the phenomena leave never to return?
Is it due to the experiencer themselves in some way?
Does the time of year have any baring on the phenomena?
Can the experiencer control the frequency of experiences?
Or are we experiencers purely on the phenomena’s own terms?

P a r a N O R M A L


The idea for my latest blog post came from a track I have just finished working on,
which is the third in my ‘P H E N O M E N A‘ series.
I called it P A R A N O R M A L, with the stress on the ‘N O R M A L’ because it seems to me that paranormal phenomena and activity is a normal part of the Human experience.

It is certainly a normal part of my experience of being Human so far, and it seems the more people I talk to about paranormal events I have experienced, be they UFO’s, Ghosts, Premonitions etc. the more I hear from them about experiences they themselves or family members have had.
It would appear that every indigenous culture on the planet incorporates what we call ‘Paranormal’ into their worldview and everyday experience of being Human as an accepted norm, be it spirits, encounters with Star People, communicating with nature etc. yet we in the West have distanced ourselves so much from this aspect of the Human experience that paranormal phenomena is dismissed, normally without consideration, let alone investigation.
We’ve all had things happen to us like; thinking about someone you haven’t seen or heard from in a long time and then they call or contact you out of the blue, but because we have given small events such as this the label; coincidence, we can just give it minimal thought and then forget it, but are these seemingly little events and others like them part of a wider paranormal phenomenon?

Science is great and without it I wouldn’t be communicating my thoughts in this way to you now, but it seems we’ve let science and rationalism put a firewall of denial up to keep the ‘paranormal’ away, and the prevailing attitude that goes along with that firewall is;
I don’t believe it’s possible, so it can’t be.
I am far from alone in the experiences I have had, and there are millions like me around the world and throughout Human history that have experienced paranormal and just plain weird events as part of everyday living.
It’s a shame that now in 2015 when people come forward to share their experiences they still suffer ridicule and dismissal. It seems paranormal experiencers are a group (however large) that it’s still ok to mock, ridicule and publicly humiliate in the press and on tv.
The X-Files has been off our screens for well over a decade (though it’s apparently returning) yet whenever a news programme reports on a UFO sighting or ghostly encounter, the still have the X-Files theme playing over the footage.
I do think the ridicule and mocking is lessening though, and this may be because more people are having these kinds of experiences and are coming forward to talk about them despite what reactions they may face.

We know so little about ourselves, (who we are, where we come from, where we are now, what is reality, what is consciousness, I could go on!) that it seems bizarre to me to close ourselves off from a fascinating, eye opening, life changing, mind expanding aspect of being human that only adds further richness to this experience that we are all having. Because having a UFO encounter, seeing a ghost or having a premonition doesn’t conform to the parameters of scientific examination in many respects, why dismiss the entire phenomena and the thousands of years of experiences humans have had and continue to have on this planet?

It seems not only closed minded and closed hearted, but also a kind of peer group conformity by not accepting a version of reality because someone tells you it’s not possible.
Saying it isn’t possible doesn’t help those millions of people who have had and continue to have encounters with the paranormal, and it’s all very well denying this aspect of the Human experience, but I have to say;
Be aware, I don’t think denial is any kind of defence against the likelihood of a worldview shattering event happening to you.

The Most Incredible UFO Encounter The Media Ignores And Debunkers Can’t Touch

Ariel School UFO 1994
This September marks the 20th anniversary of the most amazing, fascinating and unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, more on that later) media ignored UFO case ever recorded:
The Ariel School Encounter, Ruwa, Zimbabwe in 1994.

During a Friday morning break on the 16th of September, sixty two children of ages varying between 7-12, witnessed strange silvery craft that landed near their classroom block and encountered odd-looking beings with large black eyes that moved in unnatural motions.
Some of the children experienced a telepathic communication with these beings, who seemed to project images of Earth’s destruction into the children’s minds.
Some of these children were interviewed on film soon after these events by South African UFO researcher and writer of the periodical; UFO Afrinews, Cynthia Hind and then by Pulitzer Prize winning Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. John E. Mack.
You can read Cynthia’s articles on this case written at the time in these two PDF’s of
Issue 11 UFO_AFRINEWS-11-150 and follow-up Issue 12 UFO AFRINEWS issue 12

You can see John Mack’s  interviews with some of the children here:
UFO Encounter at Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe 1994
This case is a hugely important one, though it gets far less attention than ‘The Roswell Incident’ that happened 47 years previous.
In fact, out of UFO circles, the Ariel School Encounter is pretty much unknown.
In a way, that may be a good thing, in that the lack of public knowledge of this case has meant that there is no dis-information, hype or nonsense surrounding it.
With Roswell, it’s military involvement and talk of recovered bodies and Government cover-up etc, there is such a quagmire of information and misinformation that it’s quite a daunting task to research or even look at without ending up frustrated, confused and annoyed.
What we have with the Ariel School encounter however, is quite a refreshingly simple story without all the twists and turns of cover-ups, wild claims and counter-claims or cash-ins.
We have a straight forward, but none the less incredible case, of strange craft being sighted in the skies above the school before landing and beings from these craft interacting with the school children in a variety of ways before returning to the craft and disappearing.
We have no physical evidence, but what we do have are the interviews with many of the children involved, recorded soon after the event, as well as more recent follow-up interviews, where we can see the impact these experiences had and indeed still has on them.
More of these recent interviews will hopefully come to light in the coming months and years as there is a documentary on this case in the offing, as well as a feature film about Dr John Mack.
Thanks to the presence of mind from the school Headmaster; Colin Mackie, who got all the children back to their classrooms and told them to draw what they had seen, we also have the children’s pictures, drawn of the craft and occupants as well as Cynthia Hind’s articles in UFO AFRINEWS written soon after the incident.
ufos aliens 0001 arielalienpic

Interestingly, in the days before this encounter, there was a ‘flap’ of UFO sightings and reports of strange lights making odd maneuvers in the skies around Harare, approximately 20 km away, which you can read about in Cynthia Hinds UFO AFRINEWS issue 11 above.
Also, the day before the Ariel School encounter, some of the children reported witnessing a ‘cigar like’ object in the sky in broad-daylight and others reported ‘cigarette shaped’ objects above the school grounds.
In the early hours of Friday morning, Mrs Stevens, whose farm is close to the school, got up to use the bathroom and saw a huge orange glow, like a big round ball, out of her window, over her chicken house.
She ran to call her husband but when he came it had gone.

The BBC apparently reported on this case at the time for their documentary series; Agenda, though I can find no information about this particular programme or the series itself.
Apart from ‘Agenda’ which aired 20 years ago, why does the media continue to ignore this fascinating case?

You can tell from the children’s interviews that they are honestly recounting their experiences and there are a couple of details that have stayed with me and that I think demonstrate this point well;
In one of John Mack’s interviews with one of the young girls, which you can see in the interview clips, she talks of being scared by the noise that she heard in the air during this experience, Mack asks her what kind of noise it was and suggests ‘a roar or buzz or hum’, but she replies by saying, and this has always struck me as such a powerful explanation because of it’s unexpectedness and oddness :
“It was like someone was blowing a flute”.

Another one of the girls talks about receiving a message from one of the beings seemingly via his eyes, regarding the lack of care we show the planet.
Speaking about the being’s eyes, Mack asks her:
“What was the sense you got from those eyes?”
to which she replies;
“That he was interested”.

Dr. John Mack, who was certified in child psychoanalysis, believed the children were being truthful in their accounts of their experiences and said; “…the whole quality of the way they talk about it is the way a person talks about experience that happened to them”.
Cynthia Hind also writes of the children’s testimonies:
“I was impressed by the honesty of the children. When they weren’t sure, they were hesitant; when they were sure they spoke out quickly and confidently”.

I believe the media continues to ignore this case because it is not easily dismissed or debunked.
If you wanted to attempt to debunk this case, you could say that the children were having a ‘mass hallucination’, but upon hearing the details of their experiences and John Mack’s analysis, such an explanation doesn’t hold up, in the same way saying the children all conspired to make up the story doesn’t either.
The media and indeed Governments would rather we all stare down at our phones rather than up at the sky, because in that state we are easily manipulated, controlled and will behave like good little consumers.
This case does something amazing, it makes us wonder, and it makes us live in the question of a genuine experience of the unknown.
What happened here? What did the children encounter that day? Who were the beings? Where did they come from? How did they get from ‘there’ to here?..and so on…
So many questions that cause us to reassess what reality is and our place within it.
Questions that open the mind and heart if you let them.
This case cannot be dismissed except by the very closed-minded who want everything explained away and put in a nice safe box marked ‘nothing to see hear, move along’.
It’s been 20 years since the events of that Friday morning, and I believe it’s time this case did generate media interest and coverage, because it is powerful in its straight-forwardness, and, as one of the girls, now grown up, says in a recent interview:
“People need to know, that there is something else out there”.

I have written a piece of music inspired by this case called: S i l v e r  O b j e c t s
Which you can hear at: http://www.icompositions.com/music/song.php?sid=203864