Communion, Roddy McDowall and Early Unheeded Warnings


In 1989 there was a TV special entitled: Encounters of the Fourth Kind, which was a promotional tie-in with the film version of Whitley Strieber’s book Communion.

It was Directed by Drew Cummings and hosted by one of my favourite actors during my childhood;
Roddy McDowall, who, as well as narrating the audiobook version of Communion, was also the narrator of Strieber’s follow-up; Transformation and his 1990 fiction novel; Billy.
I would be interested to know what McDowall’s view on the subject matter was and if he himself had experienced any paranormal events.
Was his involvement in these audiobooks due to his own interest in the abduction phenomena or were they just another job?
I can find no interviews with McDowall speaking about this, but maybe there is an article or two hidden away somewhere?


The special, though appearing somewhat dated some 25 years later (late 80’s computer graphics of a blinking Visitor in the opening titles!), contains interesting footage, interviews and points.
There’s footage of Whitley Strieber, his wife Anne and son Andrew in their upstate New York log cabin and surrounding area, where Whitley and others had many encounters with the ‘Visitors’.
It’s fascinating to see the scenes of many of Whitley’s experiences, including the now removed ‘stone circle’ especially as this footage was only shot a few years after the initial events.
It also contains, as far as I’m aware, the only interview with Andrew Strieber who briefly talks about his experiences:

“I was sleeping and suddenly, these lights came.. a light.. a big bright light came in my room and sometimes my dad comes in to see how I’m doing in the middle of the night, but he doesn’t bring in.. he doesn’t bring in the searchlights, so.. I’m sleeping and I got scared. I think it’s a burglar or something. So I pull the covers over my head and sink down and then the covers..and then something pulls it down and I see the face that’s on ‘Communion’.”

Roddy also chairs a round-table discussion in the studio, which includes several UFO researchers and authors including Dr. Richard Haines, a former NASA research Scientist who, in this section of the discussion, gives a warning which if heeded those 25 years ago could have saved UFOlogy, and more importantly many Experiencers, a lot of  trauma and problems in those intervening years:

Roddy McDowall:
” Doctor Haines, you’ve done a lot of research regarding the abduction victims.
Is there a better way to go about this investigation?

Dr. Richard Haines:
“Yes I think there is. First of all there’s a great number of people doing research in this subject who are not trained and they are ‘self-taught hypnotists’, for instance, and without an understanding of the damage that can be produced if you..”

Roddy McDowall:
“Are they taken seriously?”

Dr. Richard Haines:
“Oh yes, people are in great traumatic conditions after an event like this and they are looking for any help they can find”.

At which point McDowall gives a disbelieving look of bewilderment in response to hearing that such practices take place and then quickly moves on in the discussion.

(you can see this conversation at the 00:18:00 mark)

As well as the footage and interviews with the Striebers, this TV special is also notable for including a section that goes behind the scenes of the Communion film and shows filming footage and interviews with cast and crew including Director Philippe Mora and actor Christopher Walken.

You can watch the special on youtube at:

It’s definitely worth a watch, especially if  you’re a Communion fan.


Jessie Roestenberg’s UFO Encounter October 21st 1954



“What an amazing thing to have happened and for me to have seen it”.

Below is a fascinating interview with Jessie Roestenberg, who, along with her two sons witnessed a “Mexican hat” shaped craft above their home; Vicarage Farm in Ranton, near Stafford in the UK, on October 21st 1954.
In this interview Jessie explains how she came to encounter the craft and the beings that were within it.

This is a great example of a UFO witness bravely coming forward with their experience despite the closed-minds and ridicule that unfortunately follows from many who cannot reconcile such experiences with their own world-view.
Jessie faced ridicule in 1954 and unfortunately that kind of reaction still occurs today some 60 years later when people come forward with similar encounters.
That is why I thank Jessie for her bravery in sharing her and her sons’ experience and respect the honesty in which she clearly explains the details of this incredible encounter.
As Jessie says:
“We were ridiculed, it was very embarrassing at the time and people they possibly thought;
‘Oh she’s a nutter’ but you know, but who cares? 
This is something that happened to me, and I’m a practically minded person and that’s it”.

Jessie drew a picture of the craft she and her sons witnessed for a local newspaper:
Here is the, unfortunately incomplete, news article:

Several years later, I’m guessing in the late 1990’s an artist’s rendition of the beings Jessie saw was created and Jessie was photographed holding it, presumably for an interview:

As the 60th anniversary of this encounter approaches, it would be great to, if possible, take Jessie back to the scene of the experience for an interview’ as well as her two sons, who as far as I’m aware have not gone ‘on record’ with their account of the events.
I hope Jessie is still with us and in good health and I wish her all the best.

Scientific V Paranormal: Am I Missing Something Here?


I’ve been thinking about the criticisms and ridicule aimed at those, like myself, who have had paranormal experiences and how science is always used as the weapon to destroy paranormal experiences and those who have them.
Unless I’m missing a major point here, I would argue that ultimately a paranormal experience and its reporting is similar to scientific discovery and the subsequent peer review process, in that both come down to the ‘taking at their word’ the scientific ‘Discoverer’ or paranormal ‘Experiencer’.

If someone claims to have had a paranormal experience then the explanation of their experience is looked at and analyzed by those in the field and an opinion, based on a variety of criteria, is given on the case which may then be discounted or endorsed by others in that field of paranormal research.
With the nature of paranormal phenomena being that it generally cannot be replicated by other investigators or researchers, ultimately, unless there is corroborating evidence, the word of the experiencer must be taken that they are reporting their experience truthfully and honestly.
When a scientist discovers something within an experiment and writes about his/her discovery, their explanation of this result and experience is then peer reviewed,
ie; those in the particular scientific field look at their work and ‘experience’ of the discovery or result and give their opinion on it based on certain criteria.
Unless those reviewing the scientists work actually go and attempt to replicate the scientist’s experiments then are they not taking the scientist’s word that what occurred or was discovered has been reported truthfully?
The peer review process is not one of re-experimentation but of passing opinion, ultimately on the testimony of the scientist making the claim.
The only difference I see is that a scientist does have the possibility of maybe replicating the experiment but how often does that actually happen?
So both paranormal experiences and scientific discovery rely on ‘eye-witness testimony’.
Or am I missing some major point here?

Me Vs. Carl Sagan?

Often when I post paranormal related articles or videos on Facebook the comments will undoubtedly sideline into the area of open-mindedness.
Most of the ‘debunkers’ or ‘Sceptics’ I see either commenting on my posts or being interviewed on T.V Radio etc. for their views on a particular case or experience seem to have as the foundation for their opinion; “I don’t believe it’s possible, therefore it can’t be”.
Often a debunkers explanation will be more bizarre than the testimony of the Experiencer themselves (but that’s afor another post).
After a few comments and talk of open or closed-mindedness, there will invariably follow the posting of this particular quote;
“It pays to keep an open mind – but not so open your brain falls out”.
This quote, which is attributed to to Astronomer, Carl Sagan (though it’s origins go back to the 1930’s if not before) and, though witty (be it someone else’s wit)
seems to be used as a debate stopping tool or full stop to the ‘sceptic’s’ comments.
On the internet there is a popular image depiction of this quote:


This seems to me a bizarre comment to be made by anyone who wishes to explore any subject,
be it paranormal or otherwise.
It’s intention seems to be to place a limitation on how open-minded one should be.
But who places those limitations?
Who has the right to limit the open-mindedness of anyone?
Where is the line of open-mindedness drawn and on whose say-so and based on what criteria?
This quote, which is more ridiculous the more you examine it, comes from a place of control and fear.
Genuine scepticism in conjunction with an open-mind is vital in all areas of study.
But the majority of those who claim to be sceptics seem more closed-minded and with an answer already formed before even looking at the information, evidence or testimony of someone who has had an extraordinary experience.
Very often they will not have even investigated the case or experience they are ‘debunking’.

I have had a lifetime of paranormal, unusual and just plain weird experiences in my life, so I come from a stand-point of a mind already open to such things and a knowledge that being human and living this life goes far beyond the boundaries that fundamentalist materialistic science believers would place on us and the environment in which we live.

Surely putting a limit on the openness of your mind limits your own possibilities and the potential for new scientific discoveries?
I have made my own counter ‘quote’ to that attributed to Sagan, which is:

Don’t let fear or ridicule or even science dictate to you what is possible for you to experience.
Science, though amazing in it’s discoveries, does not have all the answers, far from it.
Be brave, be open, be yourself.
There’s an amazing world out there and within us all, to be explored without limitation or boundaries put in place by others or our own fears.
As a quote attributed to George Bernard Shaw (but also a Chinese proverb) goes: 
“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”


Cancer Roulette: We’re All Playing It

I’m often ‘going on about’ the dangers of mobile phones, WIFI, ‘Smart’ meters etc. and I’m getting as fed up of hearing myself talk about it probably as much as those around me are of hearing it,
so I thought I’d write a blog post with examples and further reading so everyone who reads it can make an informed decision as to whether to do anything about it or not.

1. Mobile Phones:

It’s rather telling that the manual for your mobile phone has, at the back under the heading; Legal, information about your phone’s Radio Frequency (RF) energy levels and, in the case of the iPhone, recommends it’s users:
“Carry iPhone at least 10mm away from your body”.,1/en/
For other handsets it can be an inch or more.
It’s under ‘legal’ not to protect users of iPhones, but to protect Apple from future law-suits wanting compensation for cancers caused by keeping mobile phones in your pocket or as I’ve seen some women do, in their bra or chest pocket.
As this report from RT reports, those cancers are already showing up:

2. WIFI:

We all use WIFI and we’re surrounded by it whether we want to use it or not.
Many people keep their WIFI Router on all the time and often have it located in their bedrooms.
WIFI can give you headaches, interrupt your sleep patterns as well as having possible long-term health effects:
WIFI may have worse effects on children because they are in the process of growing and to quote many researchers including Devra Davis, PhD, MPH: ” Our children are being used as Lab Rats…” because:
“exposure to this ‘unnatural bath of radiation’ damages DNA and impairs natural cellular repair processes, a phenomenon that may lead to cancer. Yet we are proceeding with this large-scale, uncontrolled experiment anyway.”
More WIFI info :

3. ‘Smart’ Meters

Around the world ‘Smart’ Meters are being forced on the population and here in the UK we are set to spend
12 BILLION on installing these throughout the country. Austerity? What Austerity?!
apart from the privacy concerns of having your actions within your home monitored, reported on and being susceptible to hacking, there are many health concerns being raised about these ‘Smart’ meters.
Here’s a short clip demonstrating the effect of ‘Smart’ Meter exposure to human blood cells:
For more info, go to:

4. Laptops

Using a laptop computer directly on your lap may cause advers health effects on you and if pregnant, your unborn baby:

Those are a few examples and links that you can use to find out more information.
There are other concerns with things such as phone masts which are often situated on top of schools (!) and high-rise towers.
With this relatively recent and continuing rise in the worldwide use of mobile phones, mobile phone masts, WIFI etc. is it a surprise that Worldwide cancer cases are expected to soar by 70% over next 20 years?
There needs to be more transparency from mobile phone companies, internet providers etc. and more independent experimentation into all these areas I’ve mentioned above so we can all make informed decisions about how to safely use the technology that we are all using and exposed to.
Otherwise we are ALL being used as lab rats.


Shocking Phenomena Caught On Camera!

I’ve just spent three days (Well, night-shoots to be precise) playing Colonel Charles Halt in a forthcoming documentary about The Rendlesham UFO Incident in 1980.
We were filming in the now decommissioned ‘Bentwaters’ RAF base in Woodbridge and the surrounding forest of Rendlesham.

During waits and breaks in filming I thought I would take some pictures in the dark forest using a flash to light the darkness.
I took some photo’s of the same scene in quick succession and noticed some strange ‘phenomena’ that appeared in some shots but not in others.

Here’s some examples:
Dark Path: Photo 01

Dark Path: photo 2, taken immediately after the first:

Woah! What’s that on the left-hand side of the picture?
A manifestation of a ghostly entity?
I took a few more shots and caught a few more examples:
Dark Trees: photo 1Image

Dark Trees: photo 2

Even bigger Woah!
A much more intense appearance of something bizarre!
This happened several more times and a pleased with my capturing on camera of some possible strange phenomena I showed a few other actors who were waiting for their scene to be filmed.
I decided to take some more shots and one the other actors said he wanted to accompany me.
We went to the same spot I had shot pictures before and I held the camera so he could see the photo’s appear on the screen on the back of the camera as they were taken.
I took a couple of shots of the same area.
Nothing. No mist, no ‘phenomena’.
That’s annoying. Now I’ve got a ‘witness’ with me nothing’s appearing.
Then he stepped closer to the camera on my left as I took the next shot:

It’s back!….hold on a minute…
This was a cold damp late night in Rendlesham Forest. Cold enough to see your breath for a short time after exhalation.
Paranormal Phenomena?
I was using a flash to light the dark area I was photographing and when I breathed out in a certain way my visible breath would be lit by the flash and would appear in the photo as this ‘strange mist’!
we took a few more shots, deliberately breathing out in front of the camera as I took them and this was the result:
In the photo it looks way too thick and fog like to be just breath but that’s exactly what it was.
An initial excitement of possibly capturing something ‘paranormal’ had, on further experimentation turned out to have a rational explanation.
Now, look an many ghost sites and paranormal facebook pages and you’ll often see photo’s similar to these above reporting to be paranormal phenomena.
I was able to discover what was actually happening in a matter of minutes and although it was a bit disappointing, it was good to get what was an undeniable explanation that was confirmed with repeated experimentation.
Surely those who post pictures like these could have found out the same explanation I did?
Using a flash to take photo’s in cold damp environments will capture all kinds of things that could make you think you had caught on camera evidence to support ‘The paranormal’.
Do some of the posters of these pictures post them as paranormal yet know they are just camera flash anomalies?
Possibly, maybe in some cases definitely.
If you really care about the paranormal, as I do, then you want to explore and find the truth of experiences.
Having paranormal experiences makes you aware that there is a real phenomena occurring in our lives, but backing up this awareness with fakery, hoax and untruths (which unfortunately happens time and time again in this field) does the subject matter and those who experience it no favours at all and only continues the ridicule and dismissal by those who have not experienced these things themselves.
There was a certain satisfaction in ‘debunking’ my own photographs.
A satisfaction in discovering the truth, rather than a blanket ill-informed dismissal by ‘debunkers’ who use the line of; ” I don’t believe it is possible, so it can’t be”.
That’s just as bad as backing up an awareness of the paranormal with lies, a willful self delusion that is also unfortunately common.
How do we move the paranormal field forward?
Expose the lies, the liars, the hoaxes and the hoaxers and investigate with an open mind.
Also, don’t be quick to make an assumption based on initial observations or expectations.
Be skeptical, but open minded.
And beware of flash photography! 

Psychics, Sharks And Listening To Your Heart

We always think of communication in terms of The Brain.
We think of something to say and verbally put it into words, linear sentences, hoping to be understood in what we are trying to express.
Sometimes this communication can be very unsatisfactory when we are trying to explain something out of the norm such as a ‘Paranormal’ experience.
But maybe there’s a level of communication that happens all the time but which we are unaware?Maybe there’s a communication that comes from the heart?
Heart Math have been doing experiments in this field and have found that other people’s brains can pick up the electromagnetic field waves our hearts send out:
If that is the case then maybe there’s a level of communication we have between each other that we can’t comprehend because we aren’t even aware of it in the mainstream?
Humans (and sharks) have an ancestor that possessed a sixth sense:
the ability to detect electrical fields under water:
Heart Math’s experiments show that maybe we haven’t lost this ability to detect electrical fields, in this case transmitted from our hearts.
Does the way Psychics, and in particular Mediums, perceive other realms and communicate with our ‘dead’ relatives have something to do with this ancient ‘Sixth Sense’.
When our consciousness leaves this physical dimension and goes ‘somewhere else’, maybe this place is an energetic field that can be experinced using this ability?
Maybe there are Multi-Dimensions of existence that we exist in and communicate within beyond our current understanding?
Animals seem to know when there is, for example, an earthquake on the way.
Are they interacting with ‘Nature’ and the environment in an energetic communication that we consciously cannot perceive with our brain based intelligence and perception?
How many times has your cat or dog reacted as though it’s seeing something that to our senses ‘isn’t there’?
Animals particularly pets, particularly dogs and cats can seem to pick up on our emotions and feelings
They seem to know when we are feeling bad and are in need of interaction with them.
This suggests a connection we have with pets and each other that transcends the need for words.
A connection on a level that we do not at present understand.
Indeed, some sufferers of epilepsy have ‘seizure dogs’ who predict when a seizure is about to occur and then warn their owners of the impending event:
This connection with pets is always investigated in terms of possibly being some kind of ‘mind-reading’ from the animal, but what if it is not Telepathy but ‘heart communication’?
Are pets picking up on our actual feelings rather than our thoughts related to those feelings?
Are we communicating all the time with each other, animals and the environment via our hearts?
Are we sending out energetic communication multi-dimensionally, communication that can be picked up by intelligent entities that exist in these dimensions, maybe even our loved-ones who have passed from this physical dimension into another dimension of non-physical existence?
Who knows how many dimensions we interact with on this level, totally unaware of the ‘messages’ we are sending out with all the electromagnetic waves we constantly transmit?

In his blog post: ‘Do Aliens Call Themselves Experiencers, Too?’
Jeremy Vaeni writes about the communication between Experiencers and ‘Aliens’ during ‘Alien Abduction’ phenomena experiences and how it may be a level of communication we are consciously unaware of.
This ‘heart communication’ may well be a facet of these experiences and would explain to a certain extent why Experiencers often feel a deep connection with the beings they encounter and find it hard to explain this connection and the experience itself in words.

Our society and culture is very much based on brain intelligence, we have academic measures of this intelligence and organisations such as MENSA that grade our ‘IQ’ levels of this intelligence.
Humanity claims superiority over the animal world because judgements made on this brain based intelligence.
But if we and animals can communicate and interact using a heart transmission of communication, doesn’t that point to a level of intelligence that we are currently unaware of, a level of intelligence that animals use in their interactions with each other, us, and the world around us?
Experiencing perceptions that we are currently blind to because all our focus is on the brain?
Animals may be aware of a level of existence that we our barely even touching the very edge of.
A level of being and understanding that may unite all living things.
How do you ‘listen to your heart’ if you don’t know it’s even speaking?