P a r a N O R M A L


The idea for my latest blog post came from a track I have just finished working on,
which is the third in my ‘P H E N O M E N A‘ series.
I called it P A R A N O R M A L, with the stress on the ‘N O R M A L’ because it seems to me that paranormal phenomena and activity is a normal part of the Human experience.

It is certainly a normal part of my experience of being Human so far, and it seems the more people I talk to about paranormal events I have experienced, be they UFO’s, Ghosts, Premonitions etc. the more I hear from them about experiences they themselves or family members have had.
It would appear that every indigenous culture on the planet incorporates what we call ‘Paranormal’ into their worldview and everyday experience of being Human as an accepted norm, be it spirits, encounters with Star People, communicating with nature etc. yet we in the West have distanced ourselves so much from this aspect of the Human experience that paranormal phenomena is dismissed, normally without consideration, let alone investigation.
We’ve all had things happen to us like; thinking about someone you haven’t seen or heard from in a long time and then they call or contact you out of the blue, but because we have given small events such as this the label; coincidence, we can just give it minimal thought and then forget it, but are these seemingly little events and others like them part of a wider paranormal phenomenon?

Science is great and without it I wouldn’t be communicating my thoughts in this way to you now, but it seems we’ve let science and rationalism put a firewall of denial up to keep the ‘paranormal’ away, and the prevailing attitude that goes along with that firewall is;
I don’t believe it’s possible, so it can’t be.
I am far from alone in the experiences I have had, and there are millions like me around the world and throughout Human history that have experienced paranormal and just plain weird events as part of everyday living.
It’s a shame that now in 2015 when people come forward to share their experiences they still suffer ridicule and dismissal. It seems paranormal experiencers are a group (however large) that it’s still ok to mock, ridicule and publicly humiliate in the press and on tv.
The X-Files has been off our screens for well over a decade (though it’s apparently returning) yet whenever a news programme reports on a UFO sighting or ghostly encounter, the still have the X-Files theme playing over the footage.
I do think the ridicule and mocking is lessening though, and this may be because more people are having these kinds of experiences and are coming forward to talk about them despite what reactions they may face.

We know so little about ourselves, (who we are, where we come from, where we are now, what is reality, what is consciousness, I could go on!) that it seems bizarre to me to close ourselves off from a fascinating, eye opening, life changing, mind expanding aspect of being human that only adds further richness to this experience that we are all having. Because having a UFO encounter, seeing a ghost or having a premonition doesn’t conform to the parameters of scientific examination in many respects, why dismiss the entire phenomena and the thousands of years of experiences humans have had and continue to have on this planet?

It seems not only closed minded and closed hearted, but also a kind of peer group conformity by not accepting a version of reality because someone tells you it’s not possible.
Saying it isn’t possible doesn’t help those millions of people who have had and continue to have encounters with the paranormal, and it’s all very well denying this aspect of the Human experience, but I have to say;
Be aware, I don’t think denial is any kind of defence against the likelihood of a worldview shattering event happening to you.

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