Cancer Roulette: We’re All Playing It

I’m often ‘going on about’ the dangers of mobile phones, WIFI, ‘Smart’ meters etc. and I’m getting as fed up of hearing myself talk about it probably as much as those around me are of hearing it,
so I thought I’d write a blog post with examples and further reading so everyone who reads it can make an informed decision as to whether to do anything about it or not.

1. Mobile Phones:

It’s rather telling that the manual for your mobile phone has, at the back under the heading; Legal, information about your phone’s Radio Frequency (RF) energy levels and, in the case of the iPhone, recommends it’s users:
“Carry iPhone at least 10mm away from your body”.,1/en/
For other handsets it can be an inch or more.
It’s under ‘legal’ not to protect users of iPhones, but to protect Apple from future law-suits wanting compensation for cancers caused by keeping mobile phones in your pocket or as I’ve seen some women do, in their bra or chest pocket.
As this report from RT reports, those cancers are already showing up:

2. WIFI:

We all use WIFI and we’re surrounded by it whether we want to use it or not.
Many people keep their WIFI Router on all the time and often have it located in their bedrooms.
WIFI can give you headaches, interrupt your sleep patterns as well as having possible long-term health effects:
WIFI may have worse effects on children because they are in the process of growing and to quote many researchers including Devra Davis, PhD, MPH: ” Our children are being used as Lab Rats…” because:
“exposure to this ‘unnatural bath of radiation’ damages DNA and impairs natural cellular repair processes, a phenomenon that may lead to cancer. Yet we are proceeding with this large-scale, uncontrolled experiment anyway.”
More WIFI info :

3. ‘Smart’ Meters

Around the world ‘Smart’ Meters are being forced on the population and here in the UK we are set to spend
12 BILLION on installing these throughout the country. Austerity? What Austerity?!
apart from the privacy concerns of having your actions within your home monitored, reported on and being susceptible to hacking, there are many health concerns being raised about these ‘Smart’ meters.
Here’s a short clip demonstrating the effect of ‘Smart’ Meter exposure to human blood cells:
For more info, go to:

4. Laptops

Using a laptop computer directly on your lap may cause advers health effects on you and if pregnant, your unborn baby:

Those are a few examples and links that you can use to find out more information.
There are other concerns with things such as phone masts which are often situated on top of schools (!) and high-rise towers.
With this relatively recent and continuing rise in the worldwide use of mobile phones, mobile phone masts, WIFI etc. is it a surprise that Worldwide cancer cases are expected to soar by 70% over next 20 years?
There needs to be more transparency from mobile phone companies, internet providers etc. and more independent experimentation into all these areas I’ve mentioned above so we can all make informed decisions about how to safely use the technology that we are all using and exposed to.
Otherwise we are ALL being used as lab rats.


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