Psychics, Sharks And Listening To Your Heart

We always think of communication in terms of The Brain.
We think of something to say and verbally put it into words, linear sentences, hoping to be understood in what we are trying to express.
Sometimes this communication can be very unsatisfactory when we are trying to explain something out of the norm such as a ‘Paranormal’ experience.
But maybe there’s a level of communication that happens all the time but which we are unaware?Maybe there’s a communication that comes from the heart?
Heart Math have been doing experiments in this field and have found that other people’s brains can pick up the electromagnetic field waves our hearts send out:
If that is the case then maybe there’s a level of communication we have between each other that we can’t comprehend because we aren’t even aware of it in the mainstream?
Humans (and sharks) have an ancestor that possessed a sixth sense:
the ability to detect electrical fields under water:
Heart Math’s experiments show that maybe we haven’t lost this ability to detect electrical fields, in this case transmitted from our hearts.
Does the way Psychics, and in particular Mediums, perceive other realms and communicate with our ‘dead’ relatives have something to do with this ancient ‘Sixth Sense’.
When our consciousness leaves this physical dimension and goes ‘somewhere else’, maybe this place is an energetic field that can be experinced using this ability?
Maybe there are Multi-Dimensions of existence that we exist in and communicate within beyond our current understanding?
Animals seem to know when there is, for example, an earthquake on the way.
Are they interacting with ‘Nature’ and the environment in an energetic communication that we consciously cannot perceive with our brain based intelligence and perception?
How many times has your cat or dog reacted as though it’s seeing something that to our senses ‘isn’t there’?
Animals particularly pets, particularly dogs and cats can seem to pick up on our emotions and feelings
They seem to know when we are feeling bad and are in need of interaction with them.
This suggests a connection we have with pets and each other that transcends the need for words.
A connection on a level that we do not at present understand.
Indeed, some sufferers of epilepsy have ‘seizure dogs’ who predict when a seizure is about to occur and then warn their owners of the impending event:
This connection with pets is always investigated in terms of possibly being some kind of ‘mind-reading’ from the animal, but what if it is not Telepathy but ‘heart communication’?
Are pets picking up on our actual feelings rather than our thoughts related to those feelings?
Are we communicating all the time with each other, animals and the environment via our hearts?
Are we sending out energetic communication multi-dimensionally, communication that can be picked up by intelligent entities that exist in these dimensions, maybe even our loved-ones who have passed from this physical dimension into another dimension of non-physical existence?
Who knows how many dimensions we interact with on this level, totally unaware of the ‘messages’ we are sending out with all the electromagnetic waves we constantly transmit?

In his blog post: ‘Do Aliens Call Themselves Experiencers, Too?’
Jeremy Vaeni writes about the communication between Experiencers and ‘Aliens’ during ‘Alien Abduction’ phenomena experiences and how it may be a level of communication we are consciously unaware of.
This ‘heart communication’ may well be a facet of these experiences and would explain to a certain extent why Experiencers often feel a deep connection with the beings they encounter and find it hard to explain this connection and the experience itself in words.

Our society and culture is very much based on brain intelligence, we have academic measures of this intelligence and organisations such as MENSA that grade our ‘IQ’ levels of this intelligence.
Humanity claims superiority over the animal world because judgements made on this brain based intelligence.
But if we and animals can communicate and interact using a heart transmission of communication, doesn’t that point to a level of intelligence that we are currently unaware of, a level of intelligence that animals use in their interactions with each other, us, and the world around us?
Experiencing perceptions that we are currently blind to because all our focus is on the brain?
Animals may be aware of a level of existence that we our barely even touching the very edge of.
A level of being and understanding that may unite all living things.
How do you ‘listen to your heart’ if you don’t know it’s even speaking?

3 thoughts on “Psychics, Sharks And Listening To Your Heart

  1. I have long suspected that the brain is not truly the seat of our full range of communicative abilities. In fact I have wondered if it has a dampening effect on other channels of communication, such as that of the heart, for one, and on a deeper level, with the universe/creation/cosmos (call it what you will). Perhaps language has in effect saddled us with blinders. Maybe our brain is merely an information processing center and a crude low bandwidth communication device. We are not our brain yet we have a hard time accepting this, whereas we freely accept that we are not our heart and have no problem with transplanting it physically from one human body to another. I’m not by any means advocating brain transplantation, but simply using this example to highlight our entrenched belief that our brain IS us and that when IT dies, WE die.

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