Life: Infinite Consciousness Expressed Through The Limited Brain?

Having to write this blog in words, one after the other, illustrates part of what i’m about to write.
It’s quite frustrating to have an idea or concept in my head and then have to go through the labourious task of writing it out in a linear fashion to express it.
As an idea or concept of thought in my head it works. It fits together and makes sense.
Now I have to try and do it justice.
Here goes.
When Harvard Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander wrote of his Near Death Experience (NDE)
which occurred whilst in a coma from bacterial meningitis, he explained that he now believes the brain is similar to a ‘reducing valve’ that dumbs down consciousness to what we need to function in the here and now. And that when the valve is removed by death, our consciousness is freed to expand to its full capacity.1.
Couple that explanation with this recent case of Denver student Lachlan Connors who, after suffering two sports related concussions could; ‘suddenly could play music almost effortlessly’ when previously he had no knack for music at all, and can now play “roughly 10 to 13 instruments.”
That includes piano, guitar, mandolin, ukelele, harmonica, karimba and bagpipes — both Scottish and Irish ones. 2.
Eben’s idea of consciousness being restricted by the brain and this students brain recovering from injury suddenly allowing him to express a previously non-existent talent for music leads me to this conceptual idea:
We are infinite consciousness, an immortal spirit/energy having a physical experience in these bodies we are wearing. 
The brain is the conduit that limits the expression of this spirit/energy depending on how it is formatted.
Everyone is born slightly different, we have different shaped faces, noses etc.
so the way our brain is physically made up or ‘formatted’ may let us express this spirit/energy in different ways; 
You may be musically gifted or artistic or have a talent for maths etc.
This may be your personal ‘default setting’, unless injury or possibly other influences (Meditation, drugs? Disease?) make your brain change its format, allowing another facet of this spirit/energy to be expressed, in Connor’s case with musical talent.
That is why we all have potential to do whatever we want but our expressions of abilities will differ.
I hope I have explained this concept adequately, though I’m sure someone else who’s brain is formatted in a different way to mine may be able to express it better.

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