Ok, so this isn’t paranormal related but it is a thought that concerns us all, that has crossed my mind for a while and that I don’t think anyone has addressed yet.
Art is going digital.
All the things we used to own physically; music, films, literature, is all going to digitally stored formats.
Books are being published on kindle and other digital formats.
Films can be downloaded and streamed via services such as Netflix.
Music is being released as downloads and can be streamed via Spotify and iTunes etc.
All these options negate the need to own physical copies.
Many of my friends have started ‘ripping’ their CD’s and DVD’s, saving them to hard-drives and then getting rid of the physical versions that take up all that shelf space.
In the not so distant future, all music, literature and film will only be released digitally as downloads or available via streaming online.
This is technological progress, right?
When we are all dead and gone and future generations, or visitors to our scorched Earth
(I hope it’s the previous) look back at our cultural evolution, they may think we stopped producing music, film and literature at a certain date, because if a powerful ‘Solar Flare’ or some other occurrence wipes all our digitally stored data, any non physical released music, film or literature may be lost forever.
I haven’t heard of any preparations for an event such as this but it seems to me that as we are heading towards a totally digital platform release and storage of such art,
art that we hold dear and enriches all our lives and culture, preparations for a possible ‘Digipocalypse’ should be made, or we should rethink our technological progression and make sure we do not totally move away from physical releases and publishing.
If not for ourselves, but for future generations and the preservation of our cultural heritage.
The age of convenience may not end up being so convenient after all, but as we also live in the ‘Now Age’ where everything must be immediate, we seem to care little for what may occur in the future.
Release digital but save physical!

2 thoughts on “DIGIPOCALYPSE NOW?

  1. While I still hold out for a digipocalypse AND a normal, garden-variety-pocalypse, I’m not sure there is as much to worry about here in terms of future generations wondering why we stopped, so long as there are things like the Library of Congress and the National Film Preservation Foundation. Granted these are American institutions but I’ve got to think other countries have them as well.

    Still, it makes you wonder about the ancient advanced societies. We see no evidence that they had the technology we have and yet we see “impossible” technological/artistic feats. Could it be that we see no evidence because they were even more advanced than we are now and erased the physical footprint similar to how we are doing?

  2. National archives may have physical copies but everyone else would need to re-buy their entire music and film collection. Though I’m sure insurance firms will soon get in on the market for insuring against that. In regards to ancient advanced societies; maybe so.

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