In Dreams

Dreams play a sizable part in my life.
I write instrumental music and I get a lot of song ideas and melodies in dreams.
Sometimes I dream entire songs and more recently I’ve dreamed songs by other artists, such as; Pearl Jam.
The song that came to me, that doesn’t in reality exist as a song by them, was called ‘Who Made Who?’, which was not the AC/DC song of the same name, but a very Pearl Jam-ish rocking track that I recorded a brief version of which you can hear er.. here!.
This version is a rough vocal only excerpt, but in the dream it was a full on rocking track with bass, guitars, drums and vocals.
What usually happens is that a piece of music will come to me in a dream and if I wake up soon enough afterwards and can remember it, which is more often than not I’m glad to say,
I then sing what I can remember into my phone, ready to work on later with my music programme Reason and my Yamaha keyboard.
I can’t read or write music and can’t really play an instrument, but using these dream melodies and playing by ear and feeling my way until the piece sounds ‘right’, I create music. It’s a matter of piecing it together bit by bit, layer by layer.
I did briefly consider learning to play piano or guitar but I prefer not really knowing what I’m doing and just letting the music go where I feel it wants to.
It may take my longer to create, maybe, but not having a knowledge of chord structures etc. lets me write the music without that all getting in the way.

I had an instance a few months ago where I dreamed a piece of music in one dream, then in the dream that followed I was humming the music from the dream before so I didn’t forget it! I then woke up and sung it into my phone as usual.
Last year I had an instance where the music didn’t even wait until I was asleep before it forced its way into my consciousness.
It was around 02:30 am and I had just come home from playing a gig with my band; TJays. I’d consumed a few beers, and was listening to a podcast, I think an episode of Paratopia whilst making a sandwich. (1)
Suddenly I noticed that a melody was going round in my head and it become louder than the podcast I was listening to.
I had to pause the podcast and sing the melody into my phone, as this tune wouldn’t let me continue listening to the podcast until I’d sung it into my phone so I wouldn’t forget it.
I would usually be asleep at the time this happened, as I say 02:30 am, and I wondered if I had been asleep, would this melody have entered my dreams?
It pretty much barged into my awake consciousness, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t have forced it’s way into a dream also.
It was quite a light, whimsical little tune, which at the time I recorded and posted along with a brief explanation on Paratopia’s discussion forum.
You can listen to the brief, rough demo here.

Yesterday I was inspired by the story of Steve Johnson, a guy who dreams future events and has them all documented and logged. I listened to a radio interview with him the night before and being able to relate somewhat, with my own ‘dream weirdness’, his story inspired me to write a piece of music that I have called;
to Dream the Future.

I have written many pieces of music inspired by paranormal events and experiences of people like Whitley Strieber and Dorothy Izatt. The first track I wrote dedicated to Whitley Strieber is called; It Was Not A Dream, and ironically the melody for it did come to me in a dream.
I don’t know where these pieces of music come from, my own deep subconscious?
A creative intelligent energy that we can all tap into?
But wherever they come from, I’m always grateful to receive them.
The creative process is fascinating and very rewarding.
I find it interesting that many reports of NDE’s (near death experiences) mention the experiencer hearing the most amazing music.
In his recent book; Proof of Heaven, Neurologist Eben Alexander, speaks of hearing music during his NDE: “I was rescued by this beautiful, spinning, white light that had a melody, an incredibly beautiful melody with it that opened up into a bright valley.” (2)
Music has power; how many times has someone been humming a tune and shortly after, without thinking about it, you begin humming it yourself?
How many times has a piece of music just stopped you in your tracks and touched you deep within your being in a way that you can’t put into words?
How many times has a song come on the radio and suddenly it sparks a memory of a person or event?
Music is incredible.
I can’t imagine what life would be without it, and it seems from reported NDE’s, even after this physical life, music is still with us.

1. I had the pleasure of being interviewed on episode 154 of Paratopia
2. Accomplished neurosurgeon Eben Alexander says experience during coma gave him proof heaven exists

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