My First Paranormal Investigation

Sunday 19th May 2013

This time last week I was just about recovered from the all-night paranormal investigation I was invited to attend with North London Paranormal Investigations (NLPI)

We were at a location that we have been asked not to disclose so I shall of course honour that here.

What I can say is that it was an old manor house with many rooms, a large estate of land along with a lot of history that I had not looked up on the internet or anywhere else prior to attending. I had quickly seen the location on Google maps so I knew roughly where it was.

We arrived there at around 9:15 pm after meeting up in a nearby pub, though no alcohol was consumed!

There were about 16 of us, including three mediums that would accompany each group when we had split into three teams, ready to investigate each floor at a time.
Before we entered the property we stood in a circle as one of the mediums, Christie, gave us a protection visualisation to help keep us safe from any unwanted negative energies that may want to interfere with us during the nights investigation.
After the visualisation had been conducted, Gillian, one of the other mediums stepped out from the circle and said she was making way for a female spirit that had joined us in our circle. I immediately got the name ‘Mary’ come to my mind.

As we all filed into the property, I hung back to speak to Gillian. I told her, out of earshot of anyone else, that I had got the name ‘Mary’ when she had mentioned about the spirit joining us. She said I should tell Jay, one of the NLPI members. I didn’t, however, and kept the name to myself as we all gathered on the first floor where a base of operations had been established.

This was where we would all return to during breaks in investigation and where all equipment was kept such as camera’s, dictaphones, EMF meters, Spirit-box and all manner of detecting equipment.
I joined the team I was allocated and went downstairs to begin our first investigation which was a wood panelled room at the front of the house.

The medium with our team, Louisa, soon picked up on energies of a male and female couple, the name of the female she received was ‘Mary’.
I don’t believe Gillian had mentioned what I had told her earlier to Louisa and I thought it interesting that she got the same name as I had received outside.

Now, I wasn’t expecting to get any names or ‘psychic’ impressions during this investigation. I was of course hoping we may experience some phenomena and be able to record it, but I was clearly sensitive to energies in this house, as was becoming apparent with the name ‘Mary’ coming to me and the further information and impressions I would receive as the investigation continued.

When these names and impressions come they sound like your own inner voice but they arrive like an idea in the way they just appear in the mind.
Still in the wood panelled room I got the name Edward come to me in this way.
I asked the team if it was ok if I shared my thoughts and impressions with them as we went along and they said yes. I didn’t want the medium with us to think I was trying to compete with her in some way and didn’t want to over-step the mark. This is the first paranormal investigation I’ve been on so I was a bit wary of making sure I didn’t interfere in some way.
I shared with the team that I had previously got the name Mary outside and was now getting the name Edward.

Louisa was very kind in letting me know it was ok in sharing what I was receiving and that the more information we all get the better, so that put me more at ease.
I also got the feeling the room was ‘wrong’ and that it ‘shouldn’t be like this’.
The room was being used as an office and I got the impression the male energy wanted all the clutter cleared away, out of the room and the more orderly layout (as it was before in his time?) returned.

We then went into a ballroom type space, next to where we had just been.
I got the name ‘Ruby’ and a few other impressions and thoughts connected to what Louisa was picking up, but these felt like I was more imagining details based on the information Louisa received, rather than picking up information, to a certain extent.
The names before had just come to me out of the blue when I wasn’t thinking of anything rather than coming to mind as Louisa elaborated on what she was receiving. Maybe I felt as though I was trying too hard, I don’t know.
We went into a third room where I got the feeling of a female energy and then felt my breathing somehow being stifled. I mentioned this and Louisa asked for this feeling to be removed from me. I also asked out loud for this feeling to be removed and slowly it faded.

Joining the other teams in the base room, we reported what we’d experienced and relaxed for a while. I mentioned the Mary name that I’d got earlier being picked up by Louisa during our first investigation and also getting the name Edward come to me. Mickey, the director of NLPI said he had also picked up on the name Edward during his walk around the property.

It felt nice to have names I’d received get validated by others in this way.
20 odd years ago I’d been told by a medium, at a Spiritualist church service, that one day I would be a powerful medium, so much so that she’d be coming to see me for readings!
I have mentioned this only a couple of times to people as it feels a bit almost boasting saying what she told me but it hasn’t happened yet and it’s not like it’s me claiming that, I’m just repeating what she told me so I suppose I shouldn’t feel bad or egotistical about mentioning it, but I still do.

I’ve felt more and more in recent years that I should be going in the direction of developing whatever ‘psychic’ or sensitive talents I may have but this was the first time I was, I suppose, testing that ability by sharing what information and impressions I receive with people around me as I get it.
Our break ended, and the team I was in went to the top floor to begin our second round of investigations.

A specific room where apparent activity had been reported was chosen as our first location on this floor.
I felt quite ‘jokey’ and mischievious up there, very different to downstairs, which felt heavier and more serious. I wondered at that point if I had experienced all I would do that night in regards to being sensitive to picking up information?

After going in another room with one other investigator and again feeling nothing but a kind of playfulness I decided I wanted to go in the small kitchen on my own.
When we had previously walked past the kitchen on the way to the room we had just been in, I’d felt an unpleasant feeling when I looked inside, so it seemed an obvious place to go and investigate.
I felt a darkness in the room and imagined people, especially women, spent as little time in there as possible, only going in there to do what they have to and then leaving as soon as they can.

I left the kitchen and myself and Louisa then sat in another room whilst other team members investigated other rooms on their own.
Louisa was called by another team member to join them, so I stayed where I was.
Sitting there, I felt like my head was being tilted upwards toward the ceiling.
It was a strange feeling.
I followed Louisa and the rest of the team into the small kitchen where Louisa also picked up on the feeling of darkness and said a woman had been chased to that room and killed.
She could ‘see’ blood on the floor, she said.

We all went into another room and I again felt like my head was being tilted up and that ‘the rafters were the last thing I’d see before I died’ I then felt as if my body was ‘swinging’ backwards and forwards.
I felt that someone had hanged themselves but not in the property we were standing in.

Questioning the feelings and impressions I was now receiving, I wondered if I was being dramatic with this sensing of a hanging and was I just getting carried away with maybe wanting to receive information after feeling earlier that maybe I had received all I would do that night?
None-the-less, this was what I felt and sensed so I shared it with the team and we then left the top floor and joined everyone else for a re-group and break in the base room.

After Christie had shared an experience with Mickey regarding a male energy she had felt personally confronted by in a certain room, Mickey asked if anyone wanted to join them in using the spirit-box in this room. I said I would, and off we went to see if we could capture any communication from this male energy.

Mickey explained to me how the spirit-box was basically an adapted radio attached to a speaker, that would constantly cycle down through radio frequencies, but as the aerial was down all that would be heard was noise.
It is hoped that any energy wishing to communicate will use this noise and form it into words to communicate.
Several times in the room, the Spirit-Box appeared to respond to questions with answers of varying clarity. I felt it was interesting but still had questions and doubts as to the authenticity of what we were hearing even though, when no questions were being asked it would continue to cycle through the frequencies with just noise.

We also had the lights switched off and were filming with a night vision camera. Christie was speaking to the energy that had reacted negatively towards her previously, when I saw a light near her on the night vision monitor screen, go from the bottom of the frame to the top.
It’ll be interesting to see that again when all the footage has been analysed.

We then went downstairs and tried the spirit-box in the ballroom space I had been in earlier with my team. After several apparent responses to questions, again of varying clarity, suddenly clear and precise we heard a male voice speak a name; Edward.

This really amazed me. The voice was so clear and unmistakable.
It felt like another validation to me that what I was receiving wasn’t just random thoughts coming to me or my imagination making names and impressions up:
I had heard the name Mary which was later also picked up on by a medium,
The name Edward I’d received had also been picked up by Mickey,
Louisa had sensed the darkness I had felt in the kitchen and elaborated on it.
Now the name Edward, was being spoken to us in a clear male voice via the spirit-box!

We then went up to the top floor where I had been with my team earlier.
Mickey had the night vision camera standing on a table. I looked down and drew his attention to a piece of paper that was torn in half in such a way it looked as though it had been forcefully pulled apart.
No one had noticed the paper when all three teams had been in there before and it was dated 2010, so it was not something that had been recently printed.
Mickey took it with him to show everyone when we returned to the base room.
By now it was around 3:30ish so we concluded our investigation upstairs and decided to call it a night.
We went down to the base room and joined the other teams as well as the manager of the property who proceeded to give us any historical events and information relevant to what the mediums and others had experienced or picked up on.
He went on to inform us that someone had indeed hanged themselves, not in the house but on the surrounding property in the 1970’s.
We all packed up, said our goodbyes and I thanked Mickey and the rest of NLPI for having me along on what was a fascinating and for me personally, validating investigation.

The experiences I had and the validations I received confirmed to me that I am sensitive to the same feelings and information that the professional mediums are, which was a great validation to get, though I felt bad for the person who had hanged themselves. It has left me with a lot of questions but showed me I am on the right track and maybe do have an ability that could be developed.

I certainly hope to join NLPI again on a future investigation. They are a very friendly, welcoming and professional team and I look forward to seeing them again.
As for my future ‘psychic’ development?

Watch this space.
Check out North London Paranormal Investigations at

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